I speak at numerous industry conferences, seminars and workshops on the subjects of technology, strategy, chemical and materials industries, innovation and metrics. The paper “Addressing Green and Sustainability through Advanced Polymers and Chemistry” won The Innovation Achievement Award-Green International Coating Asia-Shangai-2011.

Past Events

Key Note Speaker at The International Conference on Polymer Science and Engineering-Aug 2016- New Orleans. “History of plastics and how they conquer the world”

On February 28, 1935, Wallace Carothers, a scientist at the DuPont Experimental Station, developed and produced the first synthetic man-made fiber. This was the birth of Nylon, starting a technology revolution and creating the ‘plastic age’. Although, nylon stockings were introduced at the 1939 New York fair, a whole year of testing took place before they were sold in stores. Science has continued to develop plastics that changed our lives, from nylon, through polypropylene to Kevlar. Eighty years after the nylon revolution, science has improved polymerization synthesis and processing techniques, unleashing a flood of products, including consumer goods and industrial products. As plastics have become valuable, scientists are also attempting to make them safer and more sustainable. Some innovators are developing bioplastics, which can be biodegradable or non-biodegradable. Plastics composites, used in transportation, provide lighter materials and contribute to fuel efficient. Market players are working with researchers, institutes and universities to develop new and innovative materials in both existing and emerging markets that can meet the growing demand from application industries. This presentation will provide a brief history of plastics and how they came to conquer the world. It will review progress in polymer innovation from historical perspective and key commercial polymers. Key synthetic routes that have impacted the development of polymers will be examined and some commercial applications for plastics will be discussed. The discussion will recognize that plastics are not perfect but that they are an important part of our future.

International Conference on Polymer Science and Engineering-2016- New Orleans

Pigments and Colours Science Forum – Rome, Italy

Indian Pigments Suppliers


Green Industrial Coating Asia – Shanghai, China

Addressing Green and Sustainability through Advanced Polymers and Chemistry. Awarded with “Asian Coating Innovation Achievement Award” at the Conference.


Informex – Mumbai, India

The evolution of the paints and coatings industry: “Paint Market Evolution and Opportunity for Specialty Chemicals”


Chemical Week Conference – Mumbai India,

Demand Trends and Emerging Applications Paints and Coatings  |  www.frost.com

CDMA Fall Meeting – USA

The impact of oil crisis on R&D Innovation – R&D Directions for a changing World of Energy: paints and Coatings


Management Round Table’s 9th Annual Conference – USA

From ideation to commercialization: “Co-development across culture: a process for opportunity identification and associated metrics”